Pricing Matters!

Price Tight & Get Your Home Sold! 

There is no magic in Real Estate! However there are smart proven strategies that make all the difference in receiving top dollar in the shortest amount of time. 

Buyers & Realtors look to the future. Sellers & Appraisers look to the past. Pricing really does matter! Many sellers believe in pricing high as they assume a Buyer will bring in a low offer and they want room to negotiate. Sellers’ believe the Buyer always has the upper hand. This is not true. The Seller is 100% in the driver’s seat at all times & needs to remember this. A smart Seller reviews currently listed homes but for a more accurate pricing strategy needs to also review the history or homes that have sold in the last 180-365 days. This gives the Seller the fuel to make a smart pricing decision based on the current Real Estate market. History = Hard Numbers.

Carrying costs can add up when keeping a home on the market. Dollars add up quickly when holding on to a home for more than a couple of months with mortgage, insurance, utilities plus the risk of wear & tear. Sellers’ lose interest in homes that are not being lived in and homes rapidly run the risk of looking tired & lacking energy. Homes on the market “age” faster the longer they are listed and start to lead Buyers to assume there is a problem. A home that is priced right & tight will sell quickly and usually sells for close to asking price. 



This week we listed a home in Bluffton. We reviewed comps, and the Seller told me that she wanted to get back up to NY before the holidays. She did not want to “test” the market with high pricing for a few weeks. Instead she wanted to get top dollar in the shortest amount of time.

We listed above what similar homes/models sold for in the last 180 days but followed trends with current inventory & condition of other similar homes. We took top quality photos as internet pictures make ALL the difference. 99% of all buyers begin their search online & want to see vibrant photos. We started a first class marketing campaign. We made top notch brochures. The Seller adhered to our advice & “listened” to what the local real estate market was telling her. 

Bottomline… we received 2 offers in less than a week. We have 2 additional Realtors that have shared that they have Buyers waiting to submit offers if the current contract does not move to closing. We received a very strong contract & FULL ASKING PRICING. The correct pricing matters and is a huge win for a Seller. This is a win for the Buyer too as they are excited about a fresh home new to the market and feel they are buying a home that falls within the local Real Estate Marketing threshold. If this home had been sitting on the market for weeks, the Buyer would feel as if they were purchasing something old & tired, not worthy of market pricing. This strategy proves to be correct time & time again.

Call a member of The Cobb Group today to discuss a marketing strategy for your home. The Fall market is just starting to heat up! Let’s get you top dollar for your home. Wouldn’t it be nice to be in a new house for the holidays?