Culinary Garden: Get On My Plate!

Want to be a farmer but don’t have a lot of time? I have always had big dreams about rows & rows of fruits & veggies, but life gets in the way. I planted a culinary garden 3 years ago and am head over heels. In all truth, the winter garden works better in the Lowcountry than the summer garden. Our summers are just so darn hot. This winter we planted 2 types of cabbage, swiss chard, romaine, bib lettuce, arugula, mustard greens & assorted herbs. We have salad every single night and plenty to share. The more you use, the more the greens grow. Even with our surprise snow storm last year and the week of frost that winter, my little garden continued to churn out green treats. We have 2 guinea pigs & 2 parakeets who also benefit from all the fresh treats we cultivate. Want your kids to eat salad? They will try and usually eat anything they get to grow themselves.

Spring has finally arrived and with it comes the warmer weather which wilts my beautiful prosperous little winter garden. However once all has shriveled & dried up, I will exchange it with more herbs, tomatoes and peppers. I don’t like the way they look as much but they are equally tasty. How about incorporating a few hanging juicy red strawberry plants? These do well before the heat of summer. It is also a great time to add in some flowering plants to attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Oh joy!

A culinary garden looks beautiful and is a very easy win. For some reason with it being raised, the deer have not found it. It requires minimal weeding and with nutrient filled soil at the beginning of the season, there is not any fertilizing required. We have drip lines making watering a breeze. 

Kudos need to go to Barb Driver with Driver Designs (843-540-4608 | who got me started & keeps me motivated to keep planting. 

Crunch, crunch! Give it a try!