Our Team of Experts

Allison Cobb


orchid whisperer ◦  chai tea drinker ◦  believes in good over evil


Allison is one of the good ones - a doxie lover, trusting friend and natural leader (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree). She has a keen eye for real estate and understands the Bluffton and Hilton Head markets like no other. Allison has won numerous Best Realtor Awards and is a tenacious negotiator. She has a great sense of humor and enjoys Pellegrino (no lemon, please). Believes that good will always prevail and that chai tea has special powers! Office Location: 1533 Fording Island Road Suite 318, Hilton Head Island



David Hussey


drummer ◦ all night coffee drinker ◦ loyal to the end


David hails from Chicago and is a serious Cubs and Bears' fan. He's a loyal, hardworking husband and father with a passion for music trivia. A multi-instrument musician who loves gyros and spicy food (seriously, the spicier the better). David is a member of the Bluffton Rotary Club and believes in the power of community, orchestrating annual events like the Bluffton Village Festival. David has a grounded knowledge of the local real estate market and a reputation for success. He has been known to drink coffee well into the night. Office Location: 1533 Fording Island Road Suite 318, Hilton Head Island



Natalie Burnside


positive thinker ◦ sushi expert ◦ midwest girl


Natalie has a quick wit and a warm confidence that puts others at ease. Originally from the midwest, she and her husband knew they were home when they first saw the breathtaking views from the Lowcountry bridges. Rules she lives her life by: never watch the same movie twice, always do what’s right over what’s easy, use your manners, and always say yes to clean fun, good pizza, and fresh sushi. Having experienced many real estate transactions as a buyer and a seller, she can see the potential home in every house and understands that an investment in real estate is an investment in lifestyle. Office Location: 1533 Fording Island Road Suite 318, Hilton Head Island



George Cobb


Problem Solver ◦ Meatball Aficionado ◦ Darn Good Dad & Grandad


George has a gift for lifting people's spirits. He's a born leader who has been called smart, generous and honorable. He has a knack for solving tough problems, is a world-traveler and one heck of a dad and grandfather. George and his wife, Debbie, began visiting the Lowcountry in 1975 and purchased their home in Moss Creek in 2002. George values family time above all and especially loves a good ole' spaghetti & meatball dinner with his grandkids.

Stephanie Putich

Team Coordinator | Marketing & Advertising

beach lover ◦ yogi ◦ family girl


Stephanie is originally from Georgia and has always had a love and desire to move close to the ocean. Her and her family love to do anything outdoors especially surfing the local beaches or fishing on the May River. Stephanie has a background in Public Relations and Marketing as well as a strong background and education in real estate. Stephanie has combined her love for marketing with her interest for real estate to become our coordinator of all things! She is responsible for delivering engaging content on social media, customer service, marketing, and last minute tasks that pop-up.