Since love is in the air in Palmetto Bluff with the Bieber wedding, I couldn’t resist this beauty that is within walking distance to Wilson Village. This home is so full of light, and look at that fireplace. Wow! There are so many gorgeous features.

Make sure you check out:

  • FOUR…4…en suite bedrooms!!

  • the interior doors are my fav - love those panels

  • that tub

  • beautiful hardwood and tile floors

  • porch spaces galore

  • you can walk or bike to all your amenities in the Village

  • 5 years of rental history if you want an investment instead of primary residence

We could go see it today and try to catch a glimpse of the wedding! Let’s go.

5 Rockingham Street l Bluffton



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When you’re looking for a mortgage, to either buy a home or refinance one, you can use a mortgage broker or deal directly with the bank.

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If you don't have a good working…

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I picked this one for all of you who crush on small, quiet neighborhoods. This is it! New construction on a quaint street built on the marsh. You can walk a couple hundred feet and you’ll be at your community dock where you can throw out a crab trap or sit and watch the dolphin swim by. Who wouldn’t love that?

If the neighborhood isn’t enough for you, check out the rest:

  • 4 bedrooms and 4 baths in over 3,300 sq ft

  • fresh, bright, and airy floor pan

  • those floors…

  • HUGE kitchen island

  • who wouldn’t be inspired to cook in that kitchen?!

  • the amazing views

  • great north end location making it easy to get off island

Let’s go and see it!

20 Sterling Pointe Drive l…

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When you think of real estate negotiations, what comes to mind? For most buyers and sellers, price tops the list. While this is certainly an important part of any real estate deal, did you know there are at least six others areas of potential negotiation?

Closing costs: In addition to the price of the home, buyers must pay closing costs that cover lender fees and other charges. Buyers may ask sellers to help pay for these costs with a flat dollar amount or a percentage of the fees.

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Personal property: What will be included with the four…

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All I can say is…”Wow! Yes Please!” Where do I even start? The white kitchen. The large bedrooms. The views. THE GUEST HOUSE. The free form pool. Two docks.

But it doesn’t end there:

  • a golf cart for quick trips to Old Town Bluffton

  • open floor plan

  • 3 beds, 2.5 baths in the main house and 2 beds, 2 baths in the guest house

  • again…that backyard

  • over 3,600 sqft

  • brick fireplace

  • the lush landscaping and location, location, location

This place is for you! I wouldn’t lie about that.

25 Crystal Beach Circle l Bluffton



Listed by Kevin King, Charter One Realty

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You can’t shock your loan officer. They’ve heard it all before. Count on the fact that your loan officer has answers to all the uncomfortable mortgage questions you may be too afraid to ask. Itchy topics like getting a home loan with no job, taking an ex off your mortgage after divorce, and filing for bankruptcy aren’t as scary as you think.

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I picked this Crescent neighborhood beauty because she and I go way back! This is my first house when I moved to the Lowcountry. I know all her nooks and crannies. I know that you will absolutely love the big windows that lets all the light in every morning, and I know you will love the wooded area in the backyard where all the birds hang out and play.

Quite frankly, this is an oldie but a goodie!

  • the perfect 3 bedroom 3 bath home just under 2,600 square feet

  • his and her closets

  • built-ins (who doesn’t love built-ins!?!)

  • a Carolina room and a covered lanai

  • new roof and exterior paint

  • it’s in the Crescent which is golf cart friendly and close to everything

I LOVE this house. Let me show…

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Top Image by: Samantha Borges/Unsplash

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