The ecosystems of the South Carolina coast are some of the richest and most diverse in the eastern United States. Tidal zones, wetland forests, and both freshwater and saltwater marshes each offer unique habitats on and around Hilton Head Island. 

This wide-ranging complex of ecosystems makes the Lowcountry a particularly great place to observe a wide range of flora and fauna. And there may be no better way to go wildlife watching in Hilton Head than aboard a kayak. 

See Wildlife In The Lowcountry

Saltwater marshes are some of the most common habitats you’ll encounter on the South Carolina coast. Local islands, lagoons, and tidal creeks support not only abundant marine life, but also birds, reptiles, and land mammals. 

Kayaking grants you…

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There are many amazing things to see while traveling, but few beat the feeling of arriving at a beautiful beach. Picture palm trees, coral reefs, beach bars, and sea turtles – all the best beach characteristics. Whether you want an inner city spot to sunbathe and play volleyball or a remote haven for marine life, the good news is that the world is a big place with many options. The best beaches are spread far and wide and full of surprises.

Ready to hit the beach? This guide will cover the 21 beaches in the world.

Nungwi Beach, Tanzania

Nungwi beach is gorgeous, with soft white sand and the beautiful clear water of the Indian Ocean backed by palm trees and lined with traditional fishing boats. Nungwi Beach is a lovely place to visit.…

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