Make Resolutions you can keep

We have been making the same mistake for thousands of years. While we are not making such intense promises such as sacrificing to Roman gods, we tend to get carried away with our lofty New Year’s resolutions that we continue to fail at keeping. In fact, most of our resolutions get abandoned by mid-February. Realistically speaking, New Year’s resolutions do not work. There are many reasons why including how vague the resolution is, or unrealistic and overwhelming the plans we make can be. When something seems so daunting and overwhelming, we are ultimately discouraged at even trying to make it happen.

This year, instead of waisting your time writing down unrealistic resolutions, give these alternatives a shot.

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Should You Add Boiling Water to Your Christmas Tree?

Is there Truth Behind this Hack?

For years, the rumor of a Christmas tree boiling water hack has circulated, but is it a valid tip to improve the health and longevity of our real Christmas trees? While artificial trees have their appeal, the charm of a real Christmas tree, with its fragrant needles and lush branches, is undeniable. However, caring for a real tree requires some know-how, especially when it comes to popular hacks.

So, let’s determine if this Christmas tree boiling water hack is legitimate. The theory suggests that the initial watering with boiling water "wakes up" the tree and releases a fresh fragrance, followed by regular cold water. This is intriguing but there have been…

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