I can’t pass up a Moss Creek home for a Crush pick. I love Moss Creek! Inventory is low because most people don’t want to leave, and why would they? The amenities are amazing and you’re so close to on-island, Bluffton, Beaufort and Savannah.

Take a look at this fantastic Toppin Drive house. There is even an in-law suite for guests or for your kid that won’t leave!!

What else:

  • 18ft windows in the living area

  • gorgeous fireplace

  • exposed beams

  • 3 bedrooms

  • over 3,000 sq ft surrounded by majestic Oak trees

  • large lot on the golf course

  • amenities galore!

I know a thing or two about Moss Creek so I can show you around.

67 Toppin Drive l Moss Creek l Hilton Head



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Who doesn’t love a community with amenities galore? Some people choose the Hampton Lake community before they choose their house. The lake, the pool (3 pools), the restaurant, the pickleball courts…I could go on but first you have to see this 3 bedroom home:

  • large corner lot

  • beautiful flooring

  • clean and airy floor plan

  • great windows everywhere

  • did you see all that moulding?

  • a lanai with a view!

  • did I mention the amenities?!

This will look great as a gift under your Christmas tree! I’ll take you to see it.

314 Lake Bluff Drive l Hampton Lake l Bluffton



Listed by Randal Longo, I Save Realty

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I know everyone likes to hurry up and jot down a few goals that they want to accomplish for the new year but I have a better project for you. Make a vision board. Not only are they are more fun than a boring list but most people are visual and seeing something tangible is a powerful tool to make it happen. It doesn’t matter, young or old, we all have goals.

This article, Vision Board 101, is the perfect start. It’s time to get your poster board and creative skills out. I know you can do it! 

Make sure to only focus on this years goals. Find some balance, hitting all areas of your life. Some of the areas you could set goals around are social, physical, professional, leisure, mental, spiritual, emotional, financial, etc. Be specific. 

You could…

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Palmetto Bay Marina listings don’t usually last long. I wasn’t surprised to see this one go. Just look at the view! I’m pretty sure the new owners will be able to enjoy watching boats and dolphins all day. Just sayin’!

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Behr announced their color of the year, and I really like how it is neutral but still adds some color. What do you think? Would you use it inside your house or maybe on the exterior?

I like the mudroom walls and built-ins painted in this shade. It gives a boost of character to the room but it’s not overwhelming. See more here.

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I recently read this statistic:



Around 41% of listed homes have a price reduction before they get an accepted offer. Help your sellers understand.

While it may not surprise you, it will certainly surprise your clients. Obviously our goal is to help our clients get to the right price at the time of listing, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. The perfect world would be that they follow your advice and market their home correctly! However, in the case that you need them to reduce their asking price, you really need to help them understand why and help them to keep their end goal in sight.

Image by: iStock

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There are few things better than coming home from a stressful day to an excited dog or cat. Whether you’re at your best or feeling your absolute worst, pets always remain right by your side. 

Most pet owners consider their furry friend to be another member of the family, and they can provide owners with lots of other benefits. Here are a few:

1. Relieves Stress

Animals, particularly dogs, are often used to help individuals manage high stress levels. They have started bringing dogs into work places to help relieve stress. Universities have dogs on campus especially during finals and Veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxious children are other groups that experience less stress in the presence of a…

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