Benefits of Partnering with your Realtor when Selling Your House

Getting ready to list your home for sale? Interviewing Realtors? It is very important to understand that a successful transaction happens when a partnership is formed between the Listing Agent and the Seller. Magic happens when both parties work together for a common goal. Respect is key and so is the understanding that both parties need to pull their weight through defined roles. The plan of attack needs to be agreed upon and understood by each side and then executed effectively for success. The Listing Agent brings market knowledge of pricing, sales experience, the art of negotiation, and public feedback. While the Seller should be open and willing to step up and do what is required on their side, such as having repairs completed, keeping their home show ready, making their home available for showings, and being realistic about feedback and pricing. 


Beginning the process out of the gate as a partnership versus employer and employee makes for a smooth and successful outcome. Understanding the team approach is a mutually beneficial objective providing a positive end result for all involved. Bringing the best of both parties, listening to each other, and working together makes so much more sense than coming from a place of power versus force. 


Trust and honesty are also paramount in the Listing Agent and Seller relationship. Both parties bring knowledge and commitment to the table but confidently relying on each other and knowing that each side is working for the highest good takes the stress off each side. Assuredly knowing that each side is working hard and strategizing for the best outcome eases anxiety in what can be a stressful time depending on the reason for selling one’s home. When choosing a Realtor, choose someone with experience and ask about values and integrity, making sure they align with your belief system. 


Lastly, Brene Brown writes in her book, Dare to Lead, that when one party asks another party to fulfill a task, it is important to ask them to “paint done for me.” This means translating or spelling out exactly what sort of outcome you are expecting so that all parties see results in the same light. Sometimes a Realtor that is familiar with the process of selling homes will rush through what is expected of a Seller. Sometimes the Seller will not deliver what a Realtor needs for a successful transaction. By being very specific about the expected results of what is being asked, everyone wins. The same is true when a Seller assumes a Realtor will do the “job” they are anticipating without really understanding how a Realtor works. Setting up expectations with clear definitions or “paint what done means to you” takes any confusion out of the equation. Both the Seller and the Listing Agent need to speak the same language to get the best result, selling the home for top dollar with the best terms in the expected timeframe. 


Selling a home takes skill, timing, and organization from all parties involved. Beginning the process with the right players and understanding the game is what brings the best results. Partnering, cooperation, mutual trust, and full understanding creates a WIN for everyone but especially the Seller.



Written by Allison Cobb

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