Life in Moss Creek is pretty darn good. The value for amenities is strong, and there isn’t a prettier or more well-maintained community in the whole Bluffton and Hilton Head Island areas. Moss Creek has followed the old Hilton Head Island philosophy that started with Charles Frazier when he developed Sea Pines, preserve the local nature and build around it and not over it. Even with the approved paint colors of homes and the preferred cedar siding, most Moss Creek homes blend in with the natural environment. Many newer communities have used the “clear-cut” model which bulldozes down everything and then builds back up with houses and landscaping. Moss Creek values the lush landscape and has tried hard to retain as much of the original foliage as possible. There are many nature paths, butterfly gardens, and even a forest preserve in Moss Creek which is fun to explore on foot or bike. 


There is something special and unique about Moss Creek. It is the marina that is set on Mackay’s Creek and of course the kayak launch. There is an area to store kayaks if you want to keep one at the launch or you can bring your own each time you go out. Putting your kayak in at Moss Creek is easy with a launch that allows you to stabilize your kayak as you get in and then push off. It is located on the far left side of the marina next to the boat ramp. It also makes it very easy when you return, as you again stabilize your kayak and hop out. Without the ramp, you have to jump in the water to get in and out. Both are easy to do with the boat ramp right there, but it is nice to not have to get wet or risk turning over your kayak and really getting wet. 


There is nothing like kayaking along Mackay’s Creek. Our favorite times to kayak are early morning just as the sun is coming up or in the evening as the sun is going down. A lucky kayaker might see a dolphin or two. The Lowcountry has bottle-nose dolphins as many areas around the world do but our dolphins have evolved with catching their dinner and doing something different here than in other areas. A group of dolphins operates as a unit to catch schooling fish. This process is called strand feeding and was first documented in 1971. A group of dolphins work together during low tide to push schools of fish up onto the banks and then sort of hurl themselves or temporarily “strand” themselves onto the bank to feed. It can be disconcerting if you have never seen it before, but watching them work so creatively and tirelessly to feed is really fun. 


Shrimp often hop in our kayak when we boat in the evening and have to be thrown back in. There is a wealth of sea life to be seen and often times you can spot raccoons and deer in the marsh or even a sea otter. There are hundreds of different birds to watch. Once in a while, you will even see an alligator if you are in brackish water, meaning a mix of salt and fresh water. Alligators traditionally stay in freshwater, but if they have been injured or are moving from one area to another, they can be seen in saltwater. Our alligators are well-fed and for the most part, keep to themselves. The smell of pluff mud combined with seeing painted sunsets and sunrises reminds us why we love living in the Lowcountry, especially Moss Creek. 


Moss Creek does have some kayaks, paddles, and life preservers to rent and you do so at the pool area. This is a great way to allow your guests to join you or if you are wanting to try out kayaking before you make the plunge. 


Kayaking is a very serene and intimate experience, very different from boating. Being so close to the water and moving without a motor allows you to see the water differently. It is fun to move within the spartina grass as well as kayaking out towards more open water. Each area brings a variety of different sea life. Kayaking is just one of the many perks of the amenities that Moss Creek has to offer. 


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