Should You Add Boiling Water to Your Christmas Tree?

Is there Truth Behind this Hack?

For years, the rumor of a Christmas tree boiling water hack has circulated, but is it a valid tip to improve the health and longevity of our real Christmas trees? While artificial trees have their appeal, the charm of a real Christmas tree, with its fragrant needles and lush branches, is undeniable. However, caring for a real tree requires some know-how, especially when it comes to popular hacks.

So, let’s determine if this Christmas tree boiling water hack is legitimate. The theory suggests that the initial watering with boiling water "wakes up" the tree and releases a fresh fragrance, followed by regular cold water. This is intriguing but there have been experts that are skeptical to this hack and have voiced their opinion. For example, Mark Rofe from who advises against this practice stating that the sap that is “melted away” from around the cut area would not allow the tree to absorb more properly and that this removed sap is actually protective sap. He would recommend using a handsaw to remove about 3 centimeters off trunk from the base. This would allow the tree to absorb water without the need for boiling water.

Mark warns against using boiling water, emphasizing that trees dislike heat, and this hack might shorten the tree's lifespan in your home. He suggests keeping the tree in a cool room, away from direct heat sources, and ensuring it always has enough water.

What Your Christmas Tree Really Needs

Another expert that has ruled in on this topic is a gardener named Oliver Johnson from He proposes a simpler plan – water the tree with room temperature daily for the first few days to recover and then every few days after that. If you have a stand that allows you to keep it filled throughout the day, that would be best.

There has also been an unconventional suggestion made by another gardener name David Domoney, who suggests using lemonade. This involves occasionally feeding the tree full-fat lemonade, as the sugar in the fizzy drink can help maintain the tree's freshness and full appearance.

Have a Healthy and Vibrant Christmas Tree

In summary, while the Christmas tree boiling water hack might seem tempting, experts advise against it. Instead, opt for safer alternatives such as trimming the base or using room temperature water. For longevity, place your tree in a cool room, away from heat sources, and ensure it receives ample water.

As for keeping your Christmas tree vibrant, consider the lemonade hack, offering the tree a nutrient boost for a fuller and healthier appearance. So, save the boiling water for your hot chocolate or tea and enjoy a beautiful, thriving Christmas tree throughout the festive season.

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