You know what? I am pretty sure if you asked most people in the Lowcountry what they dislike the most about living down here, it would be spring pollen & the no-see-ums. 

The pollen can be unforgiving. Everyone coughs & sneezes this time of the year and complains that before living down here they never had any allergies. The whole Lowcountry is covered in green pine pollen ( even though it is really the oak pollen that cause all the discomfort). Screen porches become filthy & pools turn a murky jade. Mother Nature will not let us forget that St. Patrick’s Day is on the horizon! 

In turn the dreaded no-see-um…most ferocious of all living creatures in the south!! They are tiny, smaller than a pin prick, but they have the most…

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What I absolutely love about this home, besides how clean and fresh it is, is the location. It is sheer perfection for the person who works in Savannah and wants to live in Bluffton. It is so easy to get just about anywhere in the Lowcountry from this May River Preserve house. The community is great, it’s a stone’s throw from May River High School, Old Town is just down the street, and you can basically see Savannah from there!

Check out what else:

  • 5 beds, 4 baths and over 3,000 sqft

  • brand new

  • many upgrades including marble counters and a Sub Zero fridge

  • check out the trim and molding!

  • windows, windows, and more windows

  • amazing wood floors and the master bath tile is a fav!

  • you don’t…

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It is not a given that every sale will close on the contracted closing date. With this in mind, it is important to have contingency plans to cover any delays that will hinder moving plans for both buyer and seller. The buyer who wants to move in prior to a delayed closing and the seller who accommodates such a request may find themselves in a predicament if things don’t go according to plan. Keep in mind that even if there is a written agreement to allow an early move-in, a legal dispute can still evolve from the unforeseen.

Early occupancy by a buyer means that the seller will have to maintain insurance on the property until closing, but there will be a potentially costly change to that policy. The new coverage would be landlord…

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Truth be told…I was on Jonesville Road this weekend and fell in love with the area all over again. The sun was shining. It was quiet. The Intracoastal was steps away with its breathtaking views. People were out and about. It’s so peaceful and dreamy back there. It’s like its own little oasis that no one knows about. But — I’m here to let you know that you want to check out this house!

Just look:

  • 4 beds, 3 baths and over 3,600 sqft

  • move right in

  • the kitchen cabinets are killer…

  • master bedroom built-ins

  • sunshine abounds

  • beautiful and neutral paint colors

  • check out the floors - wood and stone throughout

  • media room

  • exercise room (if you’re into that!!!)

  • private,…

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